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The Fastest Way to Get your Florida License Reinstated

April 24, 2019
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FR44 Insurance – People first!

December 25, 2018

At FR44 & SR22 Experts, we put People Above Commissions. We’re a family owned agency that’s been in business for 10 years. Our motto is, “Take Care of the Customer First and the Rest Will Work Itself Out On Its Own.”

Sam Ridgeway is a family man – a husband, a father, a grandfather. He has grandchildren. Sam is also a War Veteran having served in the US Army in the Gulf War and cares about our Veterans and the services they receive. He is a member of the National Ethics Association and tries to make a difference for those that need his help.

FR44 & SR22 Experts is a family company. It’s been in business for over a decade and continues to serve those that need the services fairly, quickly, and with respect.

Give Sam and his staff a call for the cheapest FR44 Insurance, the best FR44 Insurance, the fastest FR44 Insurance, and be treated with the respect and the care that you deserve! You can also use the FR44 Insurance Quote system on this site. Fr44 & SR22 Experts are bilingual – Spanish and English language is spoken.

My marketing director came to me and said “Sam, I need you to make a video and in the video, I need you to explain why people should work with FR44 and SR22 Experts” and I’m like well what do you mean, like what do you have. Well, she says, credibility like all the stuff that you do. She says you’re a father right? Yeah, I’m a father. So are a grandfather? Yeah, I’m a grandfather. So you’re a husband? Yes, I’m a husband. You’ve been in business for ten years – right? Yes, I have. You sell more fr44 and sr-22 than any other agency you know is that correct? Yeah. She said you’re a war veteran right? I said yeah. She says all I need you to do is just tell people that, tell people that the agency puts the customers before Commissions. One of the philosophies that I have is as long as you take care of the customer first the Commission’s are going to follow. I say commissions because that’s a driving force amongst a lot of insurance agencies. How much are we gonna make off of that?? If you just take care of people you never have to worry about commissions -that’s what I found.

I’ve been doing this fr44 and sr22 for ten years, but I’ve been in the insurance business for about twenty years, so it’s always held true. Take care of the customer first. I said I can’t go on camera and talk about that. How awkward is that and she’s like well as long as you answer those questions you’ve pretty much done what I want. I guess that’s it that’s the video as awkward as it would be, I think you should work with FR44 & SR22 Experts because it’s a family-owned business, we put the customer first, and will always do what’s in your best interest.

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Why Should I work with FR44 & SR22 Insurance Experts?

November 27, 2018

Meet Sam Ridgeway.  Sam is the owner and managing partner of Fr44 & SR22 Insurance Experts. 

One of the questions Sam expects people to ask is “Why should I work with FR44& SR22 Experts?” 

Individuals that have been classified as “high-risk drivers”, which can be the result of many things including a poor credit score EVEN IF IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!!!  may find themselves in need of this insurance.  One of the requirements of license reinstatement in Florida after a DUI conviction is FR44 Insurance.  Providing GREAT insurance, meaning insurance with an A-rated carrier, is a very specialized market that most insurance companies do not participate in.  Most insurance agents have very limited knowledge and experience in providing this insurance for high-risk drivers.  This means that they are not as familiar with, and efficient in providing, the necessary forms, paperwork, and additional requirements that a high-risk policy requires including the FR44 and SR22 financial responsibility forms.

Sam recommends that you call FR44 & SR22 Experts first and let his talented team of professionals provide the FR44 and SR22 requirements while keeping your existing insurance if at all possible.  This may be the least expensive alternative although it is not always available once you have been classified as a “high risk” insured.

Sam and his team write literally thousands of FR44 and SR22 policies each year, it is what they specialize in.  They know the requirements and are available on a moments notice.  They work with the DMV or the Insurance Company to make sure your policy and your paperwork meet all the requirements and that it gets approved on the spot.

Customer service is important.  Unless you are dealing with an expert, if there is any issue with the paperwork either when you apply for your license reinstatement or afterward, most insurance companies will not have the knowledge or the experience to solve the issues.  FR44 & SR22 Insurance Experts have a customer service department specifically trained in any problems or hiccups in the process and are available to immediately and efficiently solve the problem.  That is one of the extra benefits of dealing with an expert in this field.  There is no reason to leave something as important as your FR44 or SR22 coverage to chance, trust the experts, trust the people that write FR44 and SR22 Insurance all the time.  Trust FR44 & SR22 Insurance Experts. 

Why work with FR44 & SR22 Insurance Experts – FR44 and SR22 Insurance is all the team does, they are one of, if not the largest,  producers of this insurance,  and they do it well.

Call or contact the team for your FR44 Insurance today!

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How Fast Can I Get A Florida FR44?

November 12, 2018

FR44 & SR22 Experts are the Industry Leaders in the Florida FR44 insurance market. We literally sell thousands of policies every year. Today we discuss how long it takes to actually get a Florida FR44 from the time you call until your policy is bound.
There’s a reason this is an important question. Every day we have people call us and say, “I need an FR44, like yesterday”. Some went to get their driver’s license reinstated and were told they need to get an FR44 first. Others were getting an ignition interlock device and were told they need an FR44 before the company would install the product. Still others show up to court and are told they need an FR44 in place before their hearing starts in 10 minutes. The common theme to all of these cases is that the DMV isn’t always good about telling people what they need. Many times people show up to get their license back in good standing and that’s the first time they hear about this thing called an FR44.

The good news is it usually takes longer to enter your information into the system than it does for us to shop the best rate across over 10 different companies and bind your policy. We work with all of the appropriate governmental agencies on an electronic basis so your FR44 certificate can be generated immediately and faxed to the appropriate entity within minutes. It’s pretty common around here to get a call from someone in line at the DMV and, before they get called to the window, we have their FR44 Certificate sitting on the local fax machine.

So the answer to the question, “How Fast Can I Get an FR44?” is… within minutes. However, you have to work with an agency that’s familiar with the FR44 process. You have to work with an agency that can electronically file your documentation on your behalf. You have to work with an agency that can intervene, if necessary, and talk the talk, if the DMV gives you grief over your suspension.

At FR44 & SR22 Experts, we are that agency. This is our specialty and we write literally thousands of FR44’s every year. Call us today at 1-855-678-6977 to speak with one of our licensed insurance professionals. We even have agents that speak Spanish. You can also access our cutting edge Quoting Software at www.MyFloridaFR44.com for FREE, no obligation quotes from over 10 companies.

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When Do You Need Florida FR44 Insurance?

November 9, 2018

When Do You Need FR44 Insurance?

If you were convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or other intoxicants, you’ll need a Florida FR44. In fact, this will be a requirement in order to get your drivers’ license reinstated.

The court will order you to get Florida FR44 Auto insurance so if you haven’t been told you need it, you’re probably okay. However, if you’ve been convicted of a DUI, I would check with the Department of Motor Vehicles to verify your status. Many times they suspend driver’s licenses with no prior notification. They claim they notify people, but there have been far too many of our clients that didn’t receive anything prior to the suspension.

Now the FR44 filing process must be completed successfully before a Florida DUI driver can reinstate their license.

The requirements are $100,000 for each per person you might hurt, $300,000 for multiple people you might hurt, and $50,000 to cover any Property Damage. You may see this coverage listed as 100/300/50.

To put this into perspective, the State requirement in Florida for non-high risk drivers is 10/20/10. So the FR44 at 100/300/50 is far higher… and it’s more expensive.

After a Florida FR44 Insurance policy is issued it cannot be canceled. You will need to keep an FR44 for a period of 3 years from your conviction date. If you let the policy lapse at any point within that timeframe, your license will be suspended immediately and your 3 years will start over. As you can see, it’s very important that your FR44 policy doesn’t lapse.

It should also be noted that you don’t actually need to purchase a Florida FR44 if you have no intention of operating a motor vehicle. If you simply wait for three years from your conviction date to drive, the FR44 requirement will fall off of your record all by itself.

Unfortunately most consumers, and many insurance agents, are totally unfamiliar with Florida FR44 insurance. And recent changes to the law have only added to the confusion. At FR44 & SR22 Experts, we specialize in high risk insurance. We also impartially shop the market with over 10 A or better rated companies in order to find you the absolute best price. And, since insurance companies can charge pretty much whatever they want on high risk policies, the pricing varies sometimes by over a thousand dollars for the exact same coverage from one company to the next.

Call us today at 1-855-678-6977 or use our FREE Quoting Engine at www.MyFloridaFR44.com for your Florida FR44 Insurance. We even have bilingual agents available. In under 5 minutes we’ll get you the lowest price on your insurance and we’ll provide unparalleled customer service if you ever have a question or issue in the future.

We’re looking forward to helping you get your license reinstated and we’ll have you back on the road the same day!

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How to Find the Cheapest FR44 Insurance

November 8, 2018

Hello again. It’s Sam Ridgeway with MyFloridaFR44.com and today we’re going to talk about how to find the cheapest FR44 insurance. First, there are many variables that factor into the pricing of an FR44 policy. Some of those variables are:

Where you live. You see, certain areas have a higher number of auto insurance claims than others and, if you live in one of those areas, you’re going to pay more for your FR44 Insurance.

Do you own a car? If you own a vehicle you’re going to pay more than if you don’t. This is because the insurance company has to cover the vehicle on an FR44 Owner Insurance Policy, but doesn’t cover a vehicle on an FR44 Non-Owner InsurancePolicy. Non-Owner Florida FR44‘s are always cheaper.

Your driving record. Do you just have a DUI on your record or are there other infractions? The more issues you’ve had, the more you will pay because, according to the insurance company, you’re a higher risk.

Have you cost insurance companies money in the past? Even if the insurance company you’re with hasn’t paid any claims for you, believe me, they know how much you’ve cost other insurance companies. If you’ve had large claims with any insurance company, they’ll know and you’ll pay more.

Your age. As a rule, older drivers, up to a certain point of course, are more careful drivers than the average younger person. There are always exceptions to the rule, but the law of large numbers shows this to be frequently true. You’ll pay more for your Florida Fr44 Insurance if you’re younger.

Your gender. Females often drive more carefully than males, especially at a younger age. If you’re a young man, you’re statistically expected to be far more careless. And as such, you’ll pay more.

There are other factors, but these are the main ones. So how do you find the cheapest FR44 insurance? You do what you’d always do when looking for the best price. You’d call different companies, you’d have each of those companies run different quotes, you’d write down all of the prices. You’d compare your results and you’d make an informed decision about where to buy your Florida FR44 Insurance policy.

Now why you’d want to go through all of that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me when you can just call us and have over 10 of the top insurance companies shopped for you in under 5 minutes… I mean I guess you could do it on your own if you have a few hours to spend on the phone.

We impartially shop companies for you and in just minutes we can tell you what your best price will be, with an A or better rated company. We do this for a living and we don’t even know which company will be the cheapest until we run your information through our cutting-edge rating software.

So give us a call today at 1-855-678-6977 to speak with a licensed agent. We even have bilingual agents if you speak Spanish.

Free, No Obligation, quote from over 10 companies shopped.

Don’t make this FR44 thing harder than it has to be. Give the FR44 & SR22 Experts a call today

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Florida FR44 – What Is A Florida FR44?

November 7, 2018

Today I want to discuss the topic of “What Is a Florida FR44”?

In simple terms, a Florida FR44 Auto Insurance Policy has three main coverage components. You’ll often see the coverage listed as 100/300/50 on the Insurance Policy.

When reading the FR44 Auto Insurance Policy, the 100 means you’re covered up to $100,000 for any bodily injury you would inflict, $300,000 is the maximum payout for the injury of 2 or more people, and $50,000 is the maximum paid for any property damage you might have caused.

You can always purchase more Insurance coverage, but you won’t be legal if you purchase less Insurance coverage.

There are two “flavors” of Florida FR44 Auto insurance. If you have a vehicle, you’ll want what’s called a Florida FR44 Owner Insurance Policy. If you don’t have a vehicle, you can purchase a Non-Owner Insurance Policy.

The Florida FR44 Non-Owner Insurance policy will always be the cheapest way to go since the insurance company doesn’t have to cover the insurer for the cost of replacing a vehicle.

Now we understand that receiving a DUI in Florida is probably one of the most frustrating events of your life. While there’s nothing we, or anybody, can do to make it a “pleasant experience” overall, we can certainly make purchasing a Florida FR44 policy CHEAP. We specialize in Owner and Non-Owner Florida FR44 Auto Insurance Policies. By shopping the market across multiple insurance companies, we’re able to find the cheapest Florida FR44 Insurance with an A Rated or better company.

There are so many variables when it comes to Florida FR44 insurance policies. The fastest way to get quotes from multiple insurance companies in less than 5 minutes is to call 1-855-678-6977 and speak with one of our licensed insurance professionals. We have both English and Spanish speaking agents available.

Don’t make this harder than it has to be. Call the FR44 & SR22 Insurance Experts Today.

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Florida FR44

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FR44 & SR22 Insurance Experts made buying and filing my policy quick and easy! 

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FR44 & SR22 Insurance Experts get an A+ in my book. The whole process took less than 10 minutes from start to finish.

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